Children's Printed Rainbow Reflective WOVEN Fabric - sun, birds & falling stars

High quality reflective High-Vis iridescent woven fabric. The material doesn't just reflect one colour but changes as the angle of the light shifts.


Smooth, super soft, waterproof and lightweight, suitable for raincoats, waterproof jackets, trousers, vests etc with a reflective property to keep your kid safe in low-light conditions!


Available in two colours, a Neon Pink and a Baby Blue.


In natural light, the Neon Pink looks vivid and bright but with the flash of a camera or hit by the road lights, the material explodes with bright colours, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum! The Baby Blue on the other hand looks soft and powdery but when hit by the flash of the camera or the road's lights, the fabric shows it's hidden side, becomming multicoloured depening on the angle of the light!


Limited quantities, while stocks last!


**Please note that the colour hues of the fabric change depending on the angle you hold your camera and flashlight.  Each roll has slightly different rainbow colours due to the manufacturing process.

Care Instructions:
Max. Wash temperature: 40°C 
Max. programme time: 50 minutes 
Tumble Dry: Low, Do not over-dry, always hang damp
Iron: Low Heat
Do not Bleach
Do not Dry Clean
Do not over-dry
Air drying recommended when possible
Ironing: Use medium setting, use press cloth, Do NOT apply steam.

Children's Printed Rainbow Reflective WOVEN Fabric - sun, birds & falling stars

  • Fabric type: Woven white backing polyester fabric with an iridescent retro-reflective coating

    Properties: Non-elastic, moderately reflectiveProperties: Non Elastic, water resistant surface

    Colour: Iridescent, multicoloured with headlights, flash light / Neon Pink OR Baby Blue in natural light

    Weight: 210gsm

    Quality: super soft and drapey

    Width: 135cm - around 1.5 yards

    Composition: 100% Nylon

    Backing fabric: White coloured polyester