Rainbow Reflective Stars Heat transfer film sold by the metre

Transform your everyday clothes and accessories by adding a reflective rainbow twist with this star-shaped pre-cut heat transfer tape and counts 33 stars per 1 metre of tape. The stars can be used in a row, individually, in groups of 3 or otherwise.

Sold by the metre in one continuous length,   the Heat activated adhesive film tape in reflective rainbow comes with a protective PET film on the reflective side. Please see application instructions as given below.

It can be applied on various fabric types including jersey, lycra, cotton, poly-cotton, polyester etc.


The more meters you buy, the cheaper it gets!


1-9m   £4.80/m

10m    £4.30/m

Application Instructions:
Always test a small corner of the surface you will be applying the heat transfer tape on to if they are heat-proof prior to the application.
Recommended Lamination temperature: 120-150 degrees celsius.
Recommended heat application time: 5-20 seconds

Peel off protective PET film after the material has cooled down.

Washing Instructions:
A coloured clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used.
• Max. Wash temperature: 40°C  
• Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes
• Max. Program time: 50 minutes
• Detergent: use detergent for delicate fabrics OR coloured fabrics.
• No chlorine bleach.
• Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer using the medium dry setting.

Ironing Instructions:
• Use medium setting, always use press cloth.
• Do not apply steam.
• Iron on reverse.

Rainbow Reflective Stars Heat transfer film sold by the metre

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  • Type: Heat transfer Iron-on Vinyl - star shaped

    Properties: Non-stretch
    Colour: Dark purple in daylight //  iridescent under light

    Quality: waterproof

    33 stars/m (11 big, 22 small)

    Width: 50mm
    Composition: micro-glass beads coated on a polymer layer