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Tetris Rainbow Iridescent Reflective Print, 4-way STRETCH Jersey Fabric

High quality Iridescent reflective stretch jersey fabric in a Tetris  design!


A brilliant 4-way stretch fabric with an iridescent reflective print.


In natural light, the fabric appears faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colours. But with the flash of a camera or hit by the road lights, the material explodes with bright colours, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum! 


Suitable for reflective activewear, sports, cycling and other road related sports, for leggings, tops, dresses, socks etc adding safety in your everyday life. 


The more meters you buy, the cheaper it gets!


1-4m   £31.20/m

5m      £30.00/m

10m    £28.80/m

20m    £27.00/m

Care Instructions:
Max. Wash temperature: 30°C 
Max. programme time: 50 minutes 
Tumble Dry: Low, Do not over-dry, always hang damp
Iron: Low Heat
Do not Bleach
Do not Dry Clean
Do not over-dry
Air drying recommended when possible
Ironing: Use medium setting, use press cloth, Do not apply steam.

Tetris Rainbow Iridescent Reflective Print, 4-way STRETCH Jersey Fabric

  • Fabric type: Knitted Black backing jersey fabric with an iridescent retro-reflective print design

    Properties: Elastic, 4-way stretch
    Colour: black with dark purple print in daylight, black with bright iridescent print under light

    Quality: fully bodied

    Width: 137cm // 1+1/2 yards // 54 inches

    Weight: 385gsm
    Composition: 10%spandex 90%polyester
    Backing fabric: Black colour