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A4 sheet of Reflective Iridescent Heat Transfer Film - Iron on

A4 size of our heat transfer film (iron-on) offering endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. 

Please note that the designs pictured are just as an example of what you can do with it.

Heat activated adhesive STRETCH film with a subtle dark purple colour in daylight which transforms into a vivid design reflecting the colours of the Rainbow when hit by light.
It comes with a protective PET film on the reflective side and a thinner protective film on the adhesive's side. Please see application instructions as given below.

Perfect for plotter cutting and can be applied on various fabric types including jersey, lycra, cotton, poly-cotton, polyester etc.

Make your own designs and see them come to life!!

Ideal for Logo printing! Add your company's logo on to your designs with this heat transfer film!

Die cutting is recommended, although it can also be hand-cut or guillotined


*Please note that this is a pre-cut A4 size. Also sold by the meter here

Application Instructions:
When applying the Heat Transfer Film to the plotter for cutting your design, remove adhesive side liner (blue colour protective film), the protective PET film on the surface of reflective side should be used as the carrier until plotted images are are being ironed on to the material you like (fabric, card etc).
Recommended Lamination temperature: 120-150 degrees celsius.
Recommended heat application time: 5-20 seconds

Washing Instructions:
A coloured clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used.
• Max. Wash temperature: 40°C  
• Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes
• Max. Program time: 50 minutes
• Detergent: use detergent for delicate fabrics OR coloured fabrics.
• No chlorine bleach.
• Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer using the medium dry setting.

Ironing Instructions:
• Use medium setting, use press cloth.
• Do not apply steam.
• Iron on reverse.

A4 sheet of Reflective Iridescent Heat Transfer Film - Iron on

  • Type: Heat transfer Iron-on Film

    Properties: Elastic
    Colour: Iridescent, multicoloured with headlights, flash light / dark purple in natural light

    Quality: waterproof

    Size: A4
    Composition: micro-glass beads coated on a polymer layer