A wonderful Iridescent Highly reflective High-Vis Vegan Leather Fabric with structure and full body for various uses such as Arts and Crafts, Shoe Making, Hat making, Appliqué and anywhere where structure's needed!

In natural light, the dark purple material appears faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colours. But with the flash of a camera or the road lights, car lights etc, the material explodes with bright colours, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum. The material doesn't just reflect one colour but changes as the angle of the light shifts. It is completely transformed through the lens of a smart phone camera in both video and photos, appearing at first glance as an optical illusion. 

*sold in A4 sheets in this listing, hand-cut so size is approximate

Also available to buy by the meter, please click here


Care intructions:

Wipe clean only

A4 sheet of Reflective Iridescent Vegan Leather - Rainbow Leatherette fabric

  • Fabric type: Leatherette/Faux Leather

    Properties: Non-Elastic, heavy, stiff.
    Colour: Iridescent, multicoloured with headlights, flash ligh / dark purple in daylight

    Quality: smooth and densed

    Width: 137cm // 1+1/2 yards // 54 inches

    Weight: 800gsm
    Composition: PU leatherette
    Backing fabric: Grey colour felt

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