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Geometric Silver & Rainbow Heat Transfer Film Tapes

A heat transfer film tape (iron-on) sold by the metre in a Geometric pattern, offering endless possibilities for creativity and innovation. 

Available in Silver and Rainbow reflective.


Customise your everyday clothes and accessories to add road safety in your life easy and effectively without the need of a sewing machine and the hassle of a needle!

Sold by the metre in one continuous length, the Heat activated adhesive on the back of the film tape can stick to almost all surfaces that can withstand the necessary heat including cotton, linen, wool, leather, poly-cotton, polyester etc. Please see application instructions as given below.


Just make sure you test the heat resistance of the material you want to apply it on prior to the application to make sure it can withstand the recommended heat for lamination.


The more meters you buy, the cheaper it gets!


1-4m   £4.80/m

10m    £4.30/m

Application Instructions:
Always test a small corner of the surface you will be applying the heat transfer tape on to if they are heat-proof prior to the application.
Recommended Lamination temperature: 120-150 degrees celsius.
Recommended heat application time: 5-20 seconds

Peel off the protective PET film after the material has cooled down.

Washing Instructions:
A coloured clothing wash program without pre-wash should be used.
• Max. Wash temperature: 40°C  
• Max. Wash time at highest wash temperature: 12 minutes
• Max. Program time: 50 minutes
• Detergent: use detergent for delicate fabrics OR coloured fabrics.
• No chlorine bleach.

• No fabric softener
• Tumble Dry: Tumble drying should be performed in a commercially available household dryer using the medium dry setting.

Ironing Instructions:
• Use medium setting, always use press cloth.
• Do not apply steam.
• Iron on reverse.

Geometric Silver & Rainbow Heat Transfer Film Tapes

  • Type: Heat transfer Iron-on Vinyl Tape with segmented reflective lines in a Zig-Zag pattern

    Properties: Non-Stretch
    Colour: Bright white with headlights, flash light / Silver in natural light/daylight

    Quality: reflective, waterproof

    Width: 50mm
    Composition: micro-glass beads coated on a polymer layer