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Glow-in-the-dark UV White Iridescent Reflective WOVEN Fabric

Highest quality 2-in-1 reflective High-Vis fabric with UV activated properties. The material doesn't just reflect the light but can also emit light by glowing in the dark.


It is the so called glow-in-the-dark reflective fabric 


please reffer to the product info section of this fabric 

Smooth, super soft and drapey, suitable for fashion clothing, activewear, sportswear, cycling and other road related sports etc adding safety to your everyday life in a colourful way!

In natural light, the white material appears faint with deep shimmers of iridescent colours. But with the flash of a camera or hit by the road lights, the material explodes with bright colours, spanning the entire rainbow spectrum. The other amazing feature of this fabric is that it continuously glows at night or in the dark for hours after absorbing visible light for as little as 15-30 mins


Please note that all fabrics are usually sent folded, in a box. There is a shipping upgrade available at checkout to have it sent on a roll, please make sure you select the desired shipping method before completing your order.


The more you buy, the cheaper it gets!


1-4m   £26.80/m

5m      £25.50/m

10m    £24.22/m

20m    £21.65/m


Our UK customers please be aware that the pricing has now changed and all prices on the website are without 20% VAT which is added at the checkout, just before you proceed to the payment


**Colour hues of the fabric change depending on the angle you hold your camera and flashlight.  Each roll has slightly different rainbow colours due to the manufacturing process.

Care Instructions:
Max. Wash temperature: 40°C 
Max. programme time: 50 minutes 
Tumble Dry: Low, Do not over-dry, always hang damp
Iron: Low Heat
Do not Bleach
Do not Dry Clean
Do not over-dry
Air drying recommended when possible
Ironing: Use medium setting, use press cloth, Do NOT apply steam.

Glow-in-the-dark UV White Iridescent Reflective WOVEN Fabric

  • Fabric type: Woven white backing nylon fabric with an iridescent retro-reflective and UV activated coating

    Properties: Non-Elastic, water resistant surface

    Colour: Iridescent, multicoloured with headlights, flash light / white in natural light / green in total darkness if uv light is absorbed

    Weight: 180gsm

    Quality: super soft and drapey

    Width: 135cm - around 1.5 yards

    Composition: 100% nylon

    Backing fabric: White coloured nylon